STATUS November 2022

The Schackenborg Musikfest is a world-class chamber music festival taking place in the border-area between Denmark and Germany, at beautiful Schackenborg Castle and various locations in Møgeltønder.

The festival’s ambition is to bring together Denmark’s and Germany’s finest musicians and singers.

Launched in 2021 with Christian Tetzlaff among the first edition‘s guests, stars like Nicolas Alstaedt, Alexander Lonquich and Mojca Erdmann joined the founders and artistic directors Martin Qvist Hansen, Tommaso Lonquich and Jonathan Slaatko, members of the Danish Clarinet Trio, in their programme in summer 2022.

The non-profit association KUNST FÜR ANGELN, based in northern Schleswig-Holstein, was founded in April 2022 with the aim to present various art and culture programs to share the love and passion for contemporary art and music in the most uncomplicated way for all generations within the wonderful grounds of a country estate in the landscape of Anglia / Angeln – the region between the Fjord Schlei and the danish border.

KUNST FÜR ANGELN e.V. exhibits artworks of the collection ROOSEN-TRINKS with different angles and subjects.

The ambition of the exhibitions is to bring together Denmark’s and Germany’s emerging and established contemporary artists.

The collection ROOSEN-TRINKS is the only private art collection in that area which is open to public, for free, presented in a barn, a manor house and a beautiful park, close to the danish border.

In October 2022, following the 25th anniversary of the Sœnderjylland-Schleswig Cooperation, the Danish Clarinet Trio and the SCHACKENBORG MUSIKFEST agreed to enlarge their Festival by implementing the programme ART & MUSIC OVERCOMES BOUNDARIES of the non-profit association KUNST FÜR ANGELN in Northern Schleswig-Holstein.

That new program will combine Classical music, jazz and contemporary art in unique locations on both sides of the border and will celebrate its premiere in 2023.

It will combine exhibitions of contemporary artworks exclusively of artists from Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein and music performances within the art exhibitions.

On the danish/Sønderjylland side: at the Schackenborg Castle.

On the Schleswig-Holstein/Angeln side: in the Asmus-Petersen Barn at the WITTKIELHOF.

The Danish Clarinet Trio
Schackenborg Castle

The audience will enjoy finest music programs while sitting in an exhibition of contemporary art.
The program will include guided tours through the art exhibition before the concert, in the intermission and afterwards!
This will include a meet&greet opportunity with the various artist at the venue.

The artistic directors of the ART & MUSIC OVERCOMES BOUNDARIES project are:

Ingrid Roosen-Trinks ( association KUNST FÜR ANGELN) and pianist and composer Prof. Jürgen Christ, both founders of KLASSIK RADIO Germany, and the Danish Clarinet Trio.

The SCHACKENBORG MUSIC Festival was founded 2021 by artistic directors Martin Qvist Hansen, Tommaso Lonquich and Jonathan Slaatto, members of The Danish Clarinet Trio.

Tommaso Lonquich – Clarinet

Jonathan Slaatto – Cello

Martin Qvist Hansen – Piano

The Danish Clarinet Trio was established in 2016 by three leading chamber musicians in Scandinavia, all members of world-renowned Ensemble MidtVest. The New York Times has praised their ‘undercurrents of urgency’ and ‘brilliant effects’.

The Trio has recorded for the Danish label Dacapo and has appeared on tour in Canada, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Brazil, the USA, the UK and throughout Scandinavia.

The program of the project „ART & MUSIC OVERCOMES BOUNDARIES“ will start 2023 and will take place on both sides of the border in the following areas/locations:


11 -13th of August 2023 in Møgeltønder at

1) the newly restored barn (Slotsfeltladen), a setting of fantastic architectural design and transparent acoustics;

2) the castle’s elegant Knight’s Hall, where the castle’s long and exciting history comes to life;

3) Møgeltønder Church, one of Southern Jutland’s most beautiful churches and home to Denmark’s oldest organ.


7th – 8th October 2023


At the historic Asmus-Petersen Barn at the WITTKIELHOF


– Increase awareness of the Schackenborg Musikfest and the Danish Clarinet Trio in the german speaking regions

-Enlarge the music programm by contemporary art in both locations/ Møgeltønder and Wittkielhof/ Schleswig-Holstein

– Increase awareness of the association KUNST FÜR ANGELN e.V. in Denmark

– Implementation of a new way of presenting live music in the environment of contemporary art as venue.

– Broaden growth in ticket sales to music and Artlovers from Germany

– Foster the friendship and partnership between Sønderjylland and Schleswig-Holstein by this cooperation.

– Enlarge the various existing programs on both sides of the border by this new and unique project

– Attract all generations for art & culture programs in unique locations in rural and charming environment.


– agreement on cooperation between Schackenborg Musikfest/ Danish Clarinet Trio and the association KUNST FÜR ANGELN e.V. ( first meetings: Danish Clarinet Trio in October 2022 at Wittkielhof and December 5, 2022 with CEO of Schackenborg Foundation)

– Definition of participating artists on both sides.

– cost calculation and feasibility study

– finding sponsor partners

– implementation of sponsor partners within the public relation package

– final approval of content and costs

– briefing public relation agency

– press release approval

– press conference to present the new cooperation (April/May 2023, final date tbc)

PROGRAM (content to be confirmed):
1) MØGELTØNDER SCHACKENBORG CASTLE: exhibition of a part of the art collection ROOSEN-TRINKS presented by non-profit association KUNST FÜR ANGELN at Schackenborg Musikfest in the castle/ 11 – 13th of August 2023.
Exhibition is open to public before the concerts and during the intermissions!

Saturday, September 30 and Sunday October 1,2023: performances/program of Schackenborg Musikfest& Kunst für Angeln e.V. at Wittkielhof ( Programm under preparation/ final performances to be confirmed)

Programm proposal at WITTKIELHOF:
two sessions on Saturday, September 30:
1. 15.00 h drinks and guided tour through the art exhibition at Wittkielhof / pressmeetings/ possible interviews/photos calls
followed by concert with guests first part 16:00 – 16:30 h/ Intermission/ second part 17:00 – 17:30/ 17:45 h

2. Concert/ perfomance :
19:00 h – 19:30/ Intermission incl tour through the art exhibition plus F&B/ second part: 20:00 h – 20:30/20:45 h
followed by reception: meet& greet&drinks with the artists/photocalls

3.) Sunday, October 1st, 2023
Matinee at 11:00 h tour through the art exhibition / F&B 12:00 1st part of the concert
12:45 h intermission / drinks
13:15. – 13:45 h 2nd part of the concert
14:00 h end of concert
reception meet&greet the artists

Would mean:
3 performances during that weekend end September/ beginning October 2023 at Wittkielhof.
Proposal: a mix of the Programm with performances by Danish Clarinet Trio and
Which guests will be discussed separately.

Personal contacts include:
Daniel Hope / violin
René Pape/ Bass
Mojca Erdmann/ sopran
Michael Schade/ Tenor
Viktor Rud/ Bariton
Jürgen Christ/ Piano
Shenyang/ Bass-Bariton
and many more