© Thore Bernstein

The association KUNST FÜR ANGELN and the Protestant Daycare Organization Schleswig-Holstein present an “art premiere” at the beginning of 2024: children from Flensburg and Scheggerott do not drive to the art but the art comes to the kindergarten. In January 2024, Katja Bär, head of the regional Protestant Daycare Organization and Maren Maltzahn, from the board of the kindergarten in Scheggerott, receive loans of contemporary art from the  Roosen-Trinks Collection for their daycare centers with works by the young Flensburg artists Henrik Becker and Thore Bernstein.

The learning place daycare center thus becomes the art place of all children of these kindergartens in Flensburg and Scheggerott – made possible by loans of original artworks of the association KUNST FÜR ANGELN e.V.

“It is an exciting experiment and a premiere,” says Katja Bär, and we are excited to see how our kindergarten children adopt this new form of local art education. In any case, we hope for inspiration and creative ideas and thoughts for our 5 and 6 year old children and thus an extension of our program”.

Maren Maltzahn from Scheggerott: “We see this innovative art cooperation as an extension of our educational offers in our kindergarten and are pleased to have the artworks with us till the end of March 2024, which serve as templates and inspiration for our children’s own works of art. And then the results will be publicly exhibited in the CHILDREN’S ART CLUB ANGELN by the association KUNST FÜR ANGELN , at the WITTKIELHOF! “THIS has never happened before in our region”.

© Henrik Becker

Ingrid Roosen-Trinks says: “Almost 2 years ago we founded our association KUNST FÜR ANGELN, precisely with the aim to offer not only to students, adolescents, seniors, and all people who live, work and go to school in Angeln, a simple and uncomplicated access to contemporary art – but also for children of kindergarten age! After lending works of art to primary schools in Angeln, further work is now being done on daycare centres in Angeln. This expansion of our program is now possible thanks to the new cooperation with the Daycare Organization Schleswig-Flensburg. The highlight will be the exhibition of the artworks of the children in April 2024 in our CHILDREN’S ART CLUB ANGELN – an exhibition space exclusively for children’s artworks! Thanks to the ROOSEN-TRINKS Collection, we are now also making it possible with loans to experience contemporary art live on site. We are looking forward to the comments and the artworks of the children at the premiere and the exhibition in April 2024 in the CHILDREN’S ART CLUB ANGELN on the WITTKIELHOF!”

© Thore Bernstein
© Henrik Becker

Since the beginning of 2022, the KUNST FÜR ANGELN Association has regularly offered art workshops for children between the ages of 5 and 14 with artists who are represented in the Roosen-Trinks Collection. All workshops are free of charge – just like all program offers of the association – and are personally accompanied and supervised by artists, educators and the collector.

Now the extension of the loans of works of art – besides primary schools – to daycare centers in the Angeln region. The results of the children’s artworks will be shown by the KUNST FÜR ANGELN Association from spring 2024.

The exhibition will open on April 7 2024 at 02:00 pm in the CHILDREN’S ART CLUB ANGELN at the Association KUNST FÜR ANGELN. Guests are very welcome.