April 1st – May 5th, 2024 – “Insta me, Baby!“ Pop Art, Perfomances, Action, Freestyle Art and much more, at the Wittkielhof.

April 28th, 2024 – Children’s art workshop with artist Nele Engler.

August: ART & MUSIC OVERCOME BOUNDARIES 2024  – in cooperation with the Schackenborg musicfestival in Denmark.

September 29th  –  27. Oktober 27th, 2024: „Photography Art – Icons of photographic art“.

Oktober 2024: ART IN THE CASTLE. Kunst für Angeln shows contemporary artists from the region in Gelting Castle(Dates to be confirmed)

October 5th and 6th, 2024:  Part II of ART & MUSIC OVERCOME BOUNDARIES 2024. The cross-border music festival by KUNST FÜR ANGELN continues… Part I in Denmark is followed by Part II in Schleswig-Holstein, on the Wittkielhof.

October 2024: The CHILDREN’S ART CLUB ANGELN shows art works by youngsters between 5 and 14 years.

October 13th, 2024 – Children’s art workshop.