Photography Art – Icons of Photographic Art

KUNST FÜR ANGELN PRESENTS: Photography Art – Icons of Photographic Art

From 13th October to 10th November 2024

What is a good picture? – A good picture touches you, it gets under your skin, it sticks to your memory. There are pictures that almost everyone knows. No matter whether you have already dealt with photography and its history or not – some images are in the visual memory of the 21st Century, firmly anchored as contemporary documents.

It is photography that has shaped and still shapes our view of the world, because the photo remains, it is not fleeting. In addition to all the staged illusory worlds, authentic photography searches for true moments – for truthfulness, and captures them. In a world where everything seems less and less real, perhaps that is where art stands.

Icons of photography: just a mirror of current events? How does this special meaning arise, why do certain photographs become so well-known? Why are they put on a book – or magazine cover? And why exactly does this one motif gets on the cover?

These and other questions are addressed by Ingrid Roosen-Trinks, collector and board member of the association KUNST FÜR ANGELN, and Timm Vollert, curator and member of the German Society for Photography, in the exhibition Photography Art – Icons of Photoart” from 13th October to 10th November 2024.

The collector Roosen-Trinks was looking for photographs by well-known photo artists for the exhibition, whose motifs have now become icons. In addition, there are also new acquisitions of young photo artists who still work analogue and can be assigned to authentic photography.

Timm Vollert draws from an extensive pool of exceptional photo art of almost all subject areas, thanks to his years of close cooperation with international artists and photographers as well as from photo collections and archives.

The result is an exciting mixture of photo art with over 100 pictures from the field of street photography, including icons of photo art, which can also be found in leading international photo collections. Famous photographs from metropolises such as New York, Berlin, Hollywood and Paris will be on display as well as masterpieces of black and white photography.

Photography Art – Icons of Photographic Art,
from 13th October to 10th November 2024 at KUNST FÜR ANGELN,
Wittkielhof/ Angeln, Schleswig-Holstein
Vernissage and open house: 13th October from 2 PM.