The association KUNST FÜR ANGELN looks back proudly on the art year 2023 with 10 projects in a total of 10 weeks of the year:

1) On April 16th, 2023 happened the opening of the exhibition ART OVERCOMES BOUNDARIES.
Only works by artists from SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN and DENMARK were shown. The exhibition has been curated by Thomas Lunau, artist and director of the Sønderborg art school. Many visitors came to be present at the event, both german and danish folks. A musical intermezzo was offered by the student band „La Banda Viktoria“ from Flensburg.
The exhibition ended on May 14th, 2023

2) On April 16th, 2023 was the continuation of a social project during which students “abducted” elderly citizens from their retirement homes in Angeln into the world of contemporary art, featuring works by danish and nothern german artists.
Multiple trips for senior citizens from Gelting, Langballig, Schleswig, Kappeln, Flensburg and Satrup took place to visit the exhibition ART OVERCOMES BOUNDARIES of the Kunst für Angeln association at the WITTKIELHOF.
Organized and initiated by the Kunst für Angeln association. The project ended for now mid May 2023.
This project is made possible thanks to the kind support of

3) August 11th -13th, 2023: „ART & MUSIC OVERCOME BOUNDARIES“, a german/danish cooperation.
KUNST FÜR ANGELN e.V. has built an „Art Bridge“ from Schleswig-Holstein to Denmark and showed selected artworks from the Roosen-Trinks Collection in Schackenborg (with works of danish artists Thomas Lunau, Rasmus Bjørn, Sofie Bird Møller, Anne Lass, Jesper Kristiansen and german artists Henrik Becker, Thore Bernstein, Jorinde Voigt, Lennard Grau and Jonathan Meese) as a preview of the project’s second part ART&MUSIC OVERCOME BOUNDARIES which happened in autumn 2023.
The project ART & MUSIC OVERCOME BOUNDARIES was made possible thanks to the kind support of Interreg Germany – Danmark and the European Union.

4) From September 17th till October 15th, 2023 the exhibition “Mondwald und der unglaubliche Mai – 50 years of the Roosen-Trinks Collection” curated by the artist Thorsten Brinkmann has been visited by many art lovers.

5) September 24th, at 12.00 h: A children’s workshop with the artist Malte Urbschat took place. The children made sculptures inspired by Malte Urbschat’s guidance and artworks.

6) September 30th – October 8th, 2023: “ART IN THE CASTLE”
For the first time, the von Hobe-Gelting family opened Gelting Castle and the castle park to the public and showed contemporary art by artists from the region.
Paintings, photographs, objects and sculptures, curated by the association KUNST FÜR ANGELN.
Theresia von Hobe-Gelting states:„Showing contemporary art in these historical rooms is a real premiere for us and the mix makes the special charm. We are particularly proud that we are also offering artists from the Angeln region an unusual exhibition platform for the first time! “

For Ingrid Roosen-Trinks, head of KUNST FÜR ANGELN and curator of the exhibition, it is a stroke of luck. She said she was “incredibly happy” to be able to use the castle and the castle park: “It is open from time to time for private tours, on the national monument day, for example, but actually there is no public traffic here. We are the first to make an exhibition here, showing ART FOR ANGLIA in a historical setting IN ANGLIA! “

7) Art and Music overcome boundaries: a german & danish premiere for international cultural cooperation. The Schackenborg Musikfest & Kunst für Angeln , has presented artworks from the Roosen-Trinks Collection at the Schackenborg Music Festival in the castle in Møgeltønder in August; and on October 7th and 8th 2023, the Schackenborg Music Festival has been a guest of the KUNST FÜR ANGELN association at the Wittkielhof. A matinee on October 8  was performed by the Danish Clarinet Trio, the baritone Viktor Rud from Ukraine, the German pianist Jürgen Christ and Christian Spevak from Flensburg with his ART LA CARTE jazz ensemble.

8) October 8th, 2023 at 2:00pm: OPENING OF THE CHILDREN’S ART CLUB ANGELN
Works of art by children created in the workshops of the association KUNST FÜR ANGELN e.V. The highlight: Children guided adults through the exhibition!

9) October 15th, 2023 the FINISSAGE of the exhibition “Mondwald und der unglaubliche Mai – 50 years of the Roosen-Trinks Collection” took place.